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Let Us Create Your Tailored Estate Plan In Denver, Colorado

Every single person needs an estate plan to protect their assets, outline their final wishes, and account for their family’s wellbeing upon their death or incapacitation. Jessica Johnson is a trusted estate attorney dedicated to helping others create organized, tailor-made estate plans in the Denver, Colorado, area.

Certain documents should be included in every estate plan, regardless of your age, health, or income.

Estate planning services at the Law Office of Jessica Enggasser Johnson, LLC, include the following:

  • Wills – Ensure your last wishes are carried out with minimum conflict between family members. Without a will in place, state law would govern the distribution of your estate.
  • Basic Wills – A basic will names your beneficiaries, the executor of your estate, and the desired legal guardians for your minor children.
  • Living wills – A living will is a place for you to document your wishes concerning medical care should you become mentally or physically incapacitated.
  • Medical Powers Of Attorney – A medical power of attorney allows you to designate who will make important healthcare decisions on your behalf in the event you can no longer express your own wishes.
  • Financial Powers Of Attorney – A financial power of attorney will protect your assets should you no longer be able to make sound decisions for yourself.
  • Basic Trusts – A trust allows you to manage your assets and dictate how they will be passed after your death. Well-organized trusts help your family avoid costly probate after your passing and plan for taxes. If you have children, you can set up a trust in their name in case you die prior to them reaching adulthood.
  • Advance Healthcare Directives – Advance directives record your preferences regarding end-of-life care.

These are complex tools that, when prepared by top estate planning lawyers, minimize your estate’s tax burden while maximizing your assets for your beneficiaries to inherit. Every estate is unique. For that reason, estate planning & probate attorneys should create customized estate plans that take into account the individual needs and goals of you and your family.

Comprehensive Document Preparation With Compassion And Patience For Every Situation

Googling “estate planning attorney near me” will give you hundreds of options, but it’s important to look for someone who will offer you individual attention and guidance as you make some of the most important decisions of your life, decisions that will have long-lasting effects for your loved ones.

Come see why Jessica Johnson and the Law Office of Jessica Enggasser Johnson, LLC, rank amongst the best Denver estate planning lawyers & law firms. She takes pride in ensuring that each and every plan she helps to create aligns her client’s unique values and goals with Colorado estate law. Make sure your last wishes and the future of your family are in good hands. Jessica Johnson will treat you like family as she helps you protect what matters most to you.

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Estate Planning Attorney in Denver, Colorado

There are few things more comforting than knowing you’ve done everything within your power to plan for your family’s future well-being, and this is exactly what attorney Jessica Johnson helps people do.

What Is Estate Planning? Does Everyone Need To Plan For Their Estate Before They Die?

Estate planning is the drafting of documents to protect your assets, wishes, or family upon death or incapacity. If you are breathing, you need an estate plan. Estate planning includes not only providing instructions for distributing your assets at death, but also appointing agents to act on your behalf at incapacity and death. Even if you do not have many assets or a large estate, it is still important to pick who will make decisions for you in the case of incapacity or death, rather than the courts…Read More

What Is A Trust? Does Everyone Need A Trust As Part Of Their Estate Plan?

A trust is a document that attorneys and people can use to manage their assets, ultimately dictating how they pass after death. A trust can be used to avoid probate or to plan for taxes. In Colorado, we are fortunate because we have a probate friendly system and probate is not necessarily something to be feared. Additionally, a trust may be set up through a will, such as a contingent trust for minors. This trust can be created in a basic will plan and creates a trust for children if they are below an age determined by the will. This type of planning allows parents to protect children with a potential trust if they die prior to their children reaching a selected age of adulthood to inherit…Read More

Estate planning services at The Law Office of Jessica Enggasser Johnson, LLC include the following:

  • Wills
  • Basic wills
  • Living wills
  • Medical powers of attorney
  • Financial powers of attorney
  • Basic trusts
  • Advance healthcare directives

All too often, people find a reason to push off the estate planning process; maybe they’re too busy, intimidated by what it entails, or nervous about making the tough decisions that it will require. But one thing is for sure: none of us know when a major accident or unexpected death could occur, so it is best to be prepared. In this regard, estate planning lawyer Jessica Johnson can make a world of difference by showing you compassion and patience every step of the way.

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