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Dog Bite and Cruelty to Animals Criminal Defense

In Colorado, charges involving dog bites and those associated with animal abuse are treated very seriously, with defendants often receiving punishments that leave lifelong marks. These are unique cases that involve high levels of emotion for all involved.

All too often, the stigmas attached to dog bite and animal abuse accusations unjustly categorize the accused as “guilty” before they’ve had a chance to assert their defense; this is unfair, and criminal law attorney Jessica Johnson works day in and day out to fight against it—making dog bites and animal abuse criminal defense a primary focus of her practice.

If you are being investigated for a cruelty to animals crime in Denver, Colorado, time is of the essence. The sooner you contact a seasoned attorney who is well-prepared to handle these difficult cases, the better the outcome for you.

Attorney Jessica Johnson will begin with the basics: listening to your side of the story, analyzing the facts of the case, and painting you a clear picture of the charges against you, the potential consequences, and the range of options available to you. Immediately upon taking your case, she will launch a focused and judicious investigation on your behalf.

She understands that much of the fear surrounding an impending criminal charge stems from a lack of understanding and plain uncertainty regarding what to expect. While no ethical attorney could ever promise you a specific outcome, every ethical attorney should ensure that you understand the legal system as it relates to your case, thereby equipping you with the ability to make informed decisions throughout the process—decisions guided by legal expertise, but ultimately dictated by your specific goals and desires.

What Makes A Dog Be Deemed Dangerous Under Colorado Law?

Under Colorado law, a specific statute defines a dog as dangerous. It states that a dog is dangerous if it inflicts bodily injury or causes the death of a person or domestic animal. It will also be deemed unsafe if the dog displays behaviors that would reasonably be determined to be dangerous. That is the state statute. C.R.S. §18-9-204.5. The complicated part in Colorado is that you could alternatively be charged locally under city, county or municipal codes/ordinances. There are different versions of every municipality’s dangerous dog code. It is up to the Animal Control officer or police officer who responds to the incident whether you will be charged criminally under a municipal code or the state statute. While each municipality has a version of the state statute, it does not necessarily track the same language and definitions as the state statute, making this area of law very complicated…Read More

What Can I Legally Do To Prevent My Dog From Being Surrendered And Potentially Euthanized?

After finding out your dog is being investigated, your first step is to remove it from the current jurisdiction and contact an attorney. If your dog has already been impounded, you need to pay the impoundment fees and take the steps required by the jurisdiction in which you reside. Each process is specific to the state, municipality, or county. Contact an attorney experienced in this area to navigate the next steps in your case…Read More

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