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“Jessica represented me during my criminal case and my overlapping child custody case. The criminal case revolved around a situation in which false accusations were being brought on me to favor a custody battle. I was facing some serious charges. This was the most difficult period in my life. These court dates meant everything to me and my son. The cases would make or break my future. Although this was a very emotional time, Jessica maintained her professionalism and took control of the situation.

I had to put all my trust in her. She was always available to speak to me during my many phone calls, she listened, developed a strategic approach, and maintained client control. She worked very hard on my case and the result was the most favorable outcome possible. My criminal case was dismissed and we established a solid foundation in the child custody case to maintain all the rights to my son. My innocence was proclaimed and my name was cleared. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She truly made a difference in me and my son’s life. I would highly recommend her. She is an outstanding attorney! Thank you so much, Jessica Enggasser Johnson!”A Satisfied Client

“It was a pleasure to work with Jessica and she cost less and got my charges off! I recommend her BIG TIME!”Frank

“Jessica is amazing. She has helped me beyond belief through a very nasty divorce. Highly recommend her for any family law matter.”Scott B.

“I would highly recommend Jessica for anyone in trouble with their animals. I recently was wrongly accused of animal cruelty and Jessica was not only able to get my case dropped, but she ultimately got my dog back. I can not express how grateful I am to have met her and to have gotten the opportunity to hire her in my troubling time. She was wonderful to work with.”Paige B.

“Jessica is amazing! Ultra professional and fairly priced. Thanks for having my back!”Clayton S.

“I went to see Jessica about a very stressful matter after I was referred by multiple people. She was extremely sensitive to my delicate situation and treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. I didn’t know where to turn and I know I was not easy to handle and she was so kind, patient, and respectful and never made me feel dumb with my million questions. Not sure what the other reviews are talking about, she was great and returned every email and phone call. I would recommend her to anyone that has a problem and wants someone who cares and will do their best for you. She was great and I will go back to her if I ever need legal help again.”Amanda S.

“Jessica Enggasser Johnson is a great attorney for getting wills and trusts set up! Her consultation was very informative and helped us figure out the best option for our family situation. She also was able to explain in easy to understand language the “living will and medical directives” that in the past were so confusing, we just ignored out of paralysis. This time our will has been updated along with our wishes for incapacity etc. thanks Jessica for your expertise and giving us confidence and peace about our eventual demise.”Kellyn P.

“Jessica is one of my favorite people as well my trusted attorney. She has so much knowledge and experience, I really feel like there is almost nothing she can’t help me with. Besides being tops in her field, she’s also very personable. You’ll be glad you contacted her!”Rhonda B.

“Jessica is terrific to work with and was very comprehensive in our estate planning. She evaluate all aspects of our estate and completed the necessary documents to ensure the best outcome for my family.”Tyler V.

“Whenever my tax clients need estate planning help, Jessica is the first one I call. Very knowledgeable and committed.”Steve M.

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